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There are many things involved when setting up a company. Many formalities are not yet digitized and therefore cost a lot of time and money. Bizantium guides you step by step through the maze of regulations and facilitates the establishment of your company by offering a strong financial plan.

Step 1: a strong financial plan

  • Answer the questions in our roadmap

    We ask you some direct questions concerning the establishment and financing of your company. If necessary, our chatbot helps you out.

  • Our team checks your input

    Based on the results we find out what type of company structure you want to establish and to which conditions you need to comply.

  • Further consultation during 2 consulting hours

    After we processed your input we propose to hold a short meeting to discuss the further collaboration. During these consulting hours we get to know each other and finalise your financial plan.

  • Download your financial plan in pdf

    When all is ready, you can download your financial plan as a pdf!
    We take care of the filing at the notary.
    You also get a clear overview of your costs and revenues.

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Step 2: the deed of incorporation + other documents

A financial plan cannot simply be filed with the notary. After all, the notary wants to know by whom the plan was drawn up, en op basis van welke gegevens. Bizantium genereert na het opstellen van jouw financieel plan automatisch de samenstellingsopdracht, en alle andere bijhorende documenten.

Since our tool is a single source of entry, you don't have to re-enter your personal data every time: everything is automatically already in the right place!

Using our e-signing module, you can then easily digitally sign your financial plan, deed of incorporation and related documents.

Step 3: filing formalities at the notary

All documents ready? Then it's time to officially file them at the notary.Naturally, you don't want to waste your time on a long meeting at the notary. That's why we provide you with the option to provide us with a digital proxy.

This way, you give us the right to file your documents at the notary in your name. All you need to do is join a short videocall with the notary! Easy, right?

Step 4: ready, set, go!

Shortly after the meeting at the notary you will receive your company number. Your company is now officialy established! 

Frequently asked questions

  • What exactly is mentioned in a financial plan?

    A financial planned consists out of multiple parts. An investment plan, financing plan, income statement and cashflow overview are drafted. These 4 parts give you a realistic view on your financial situation during the 2 years following your startup.

  • How do I make a financial plan?

    Many entrepreneurs ask their bookkeeper to draft their financial plan.
    This is usually expensive and time consuming.
    With Bizantium you can draft your financial plan on your computer.
    During 2 consulting moments we go over the details. We make sure all additional obligations are met.

  • Why do I need a financial plan?

    In 2019 some important changes were made in Belgian company law.
    When establishing a company, a much bigger emphasis is put on having a strong financial plan.
    A financial plan provides a clear overview on the financial side of your company during the first 2 years after establishment.

  • How much does a financial plan cost?

    That depends on where you go to have it made. A bookkeeper will charge around €1000 to €1500 on average. That is a lot of money, but you mainly pay for the working hours of the bookkeeper.
    Bizantium allows you to draft your financial plan from your computer, and therefore is cheaper. This doesn't mean that with Bizantium you won't have face to face contact with a bookkeeper: we plan 2 consulting moments to go over the details of your financial plan. Discover more on our prices here.