Ondernemen in België anno 2022.

The revised company law from March of 2019 made doing business in Belgium a lot more modern and flexible .
With the removal of the minimal capital requirement to establish a company, a much bigger emphasis is put on having a strong financial plan.

Bizantium establishes your company: from the first draft of the financial plan, to handing over the documents at the notary.


Establishment in 10 working days

Competitive pricing

Thanks to smart automatisations

100% digital

Start your company online!

Bizantium: all-in-one oplossing.

Establishing a company leads to a lot of legal obligations.

  • A strong financial plan is crucial

  • The filing formalities at the notary are time consuming and expensive

  • Upon startup, a professional bank account needs to be blocked

  • The deed of incorporation, digital proxy, ... need to be generated and signed

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Bizantium is a versatile tool. Not only can you generate a strong financial plan, all other obligations concerning your establishment can also be fulfilled from within the tool.

After the establisment you can opt in for additional bookkeeping services at our partner bookkeeping office: Digicount.

The choice is yours!

Kevin Verbesselt


With his years of experience in the bookkeeping world, Kevin is a specialist in establishing companies.

Robin Van Oostende

Marketing and development

Not only the numbers matter when establishing your company: together we figure out how to describe your activities.

What we do.

Intuitive survey

We ask you some important questions about your start-up. Based in your input, Bizantium generates the financial plan.

Future proof

We draft your financial plan for the 2 coming years.


Our financial plan templates are accounting-proof: immediately ready to file at the notary.

2 or 5 consulting hours

All bv packages contain at least 2 consulting hours. We use these to check your input and adjust where necessary.

Document management

All documents concerning your establishment are generated within Bizantium.


With our e-signing module you can sign all documents fast, safe and digitally.

Accountant approval

One of our in-house bookkeepers validates your financial plan.

Filing at the notary

By using a digital proxy, we can file your financial plan in your name at the notary.

Bookkeeping services

After the establishment of your company, we can provide you with bookkeeping services tailored to your needs.

Loan simulation

Coming soon: a module that allows you to calculate how to best reimburse yourself as manager.

TCO car module

Coming soon: a Total Cost of Ownership car module that calculates the exact amount your car will cost you over the years.

Belgian starters in 2019


The ideal way
to launch your start-up.

Every year, thousands of Belgian companies are established.
When establishing your start-up, it's important to differentiate from the competition. A strong financial plan forms the basis.


The network always wins!
That's why Bizantium works together with Digicount: bookkeeping agency / business consultancy bureau.
You can rest assured that all services Bizantium provides are accounting-proof!

Work out your idea on paper? Start here.

* English version coming soon
We love to help starting entrepreneurs, even before their financial plan is drafted. An English version of the ebook is coming soon!
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You have a business idea and are eager to bring it to life. But is your idea even viable? Before you start establishing your company, it's important to ask yourself the right questions. In our ebook, we go through the 9 building blocks of the Business Model Canvas! Based on these building blocks you get to think about every aspect of your idea.

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    A quick summary of the 9 building blocks of the BMC, which are all explained thoroughly in the ebook.

    Value proposition

    How to turn a good idea into a Unique Selling Point that customers will buy into?

    Client segments

    Who are your clients, within your market? Divide your market into segments.


    Communication, distribution and sales: how does your product get to the client?

    Customer relationships

    Figure out whether or not a personal customer relationship is beneficial.

    Revenue streams

    Choosing the right revenue model: take the 80-20 rule into account.


    "The network always wins": decide who you're gonna work together with.


    Define how your value proposition reaches clients through the channels.


    Focus on both financial and other resources, such as staff and machinery.


    A good cost structure keeps everything in balance.